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Needing advice on where to position your veggie garden? Not sure which garden would work best for your space and your needs? Interested in a multi-garden setup complete with solar powered irrigation? We offer garden design consultation and advice prior to installation, specific to your location and climate.

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Garden Installation

We offer two different sized garden installations, the Wombat Garden and the smaller Bilby Garden, to cater for various spaces and food quantity requirements. Handmade from old roofing iron, we deliver and custom install these as organic gardens, with added extras such as irrigation or in-ground compost bins.

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Seasonal Garden Maintenance

Every garden needs love and care. Besides the regular attention you'll give it, we offer a seasonal maintenance service for the Wombat and Bilby Gardens. We’ll replenish the soil and boost it’s fertility with organic compost, worm castings and activated biochar, and supply a fresh crop of organic seedlings for the new season.

For all enquiries, contact us.