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The Wombat Garden

The big, raised food garden

The Wombat Garden has the capacity to yield a substantial amount of organic food, grown at an accessible height for easy harvesting. Built by hand from recycled roofing iron, the garden bed has an elevated floor that provides ample growing depth whilst keeping the garden self-contained. The floor also prevents chemical leeching from contaminated soil, and acts as a deterrent for bandicoots, nut grass, tree roots, rodents and common garden weeds.

The fully installed Wombat Garden is filled to the brim with an organic soil mix that is fertility-boosted with biochar, worm castings and organic nutrients. This particular supplementation improves the long-term microbiology of the soil, in turn supplying the garden with the necessary elements to produce healthy plants year after year. The garden is planted with a seasonal pick of locally grown organic seedlings including leafy greens, root crops, climbers and companion herbs.


  • The Wombat Garden Bed
  • Certified Organic Soil and Compost
  • Homemade Activated Biochar
  • Organic Xtra
  • Worm Castings
  • Seasonal Certified Organic Seedlings
  • Certified Organic Sugar Cane Mulch
  • Delivery and Installation


  • Dimensions –  2.1m L x 1m W x 69cm H
  • Shape – Oblong
  • Volume – 0.84m3 or 840L
  • Materials – Recycled corrugated iron, Colorbond roofing
  • Floor – Reinforced & galvanised with a growing depth of 400mm
  • Colour – Varying, usually green
  • Seedlings – Approximately 30 different certified organic vegetable and herb seedlings


Full Installation = $645^
Garden Bed Only = $435^

^Includes delivery


Solar Automatic Irrigation = Starting at $385
+ Worm Farm Barrels = $75 each
Garden Netting = $145